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I help women who feel like they’ve lost their identity and are stuck in an exhausting loop of making others happy. The fear of being unneeded makes it impossible to say no, but after giving and giving they feel burnt out, taken advantage of, and have nothing left for themselves at the end of the day. I teach them how to let go of expectations, see their own worth, and feel happy again. 

Call or text (518) 250-9045
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Competition Countdown

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Balance and cooperation between the mind and body is crucial in stressful, high activity situations like sports. Techniques such as guided meditation enable equilibrium, so the mind is as well-prepared as the body.

The Competition Countdown Hypnosis program helps heighten awareness for maximum connection. Weaving visual internal and external imagery, with carefully selected phraseology to enhance performance on multiple levels.

Improve Performance


Decrease Stress


Increase Focus


Play with Confidence


Develop Skills

Mental Agility

Private Session $150


1 One hour private session in Latham office.

1 20 minutes personalized hypnosis recording of Competition Countdown

PDF instructions on how to use the hypnosis recording throughout the season for optimal impact.


Team package: Begin at $500 please call for consultation


1 One hour in person session. Team may come to Latham office or Glory-Anne can travel to your school. Additional fee may be added depending on mileage.

1 20 minute team branded hypnosis recording of Competition Countdown.

PDF instructions on how to use the hypnosis recording throughout the season for optimal impact.


Energy Healing - Human


Glory-Anne, a Reiki Master is in tune with energy healing. Reiki energy works through your entire being - body, mind, spirit and emotion. Reiki supports and works in concert with holistic and medical therapies. Healing therefore, can be all encompassing. Reiki can help to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


Energy Healing - Animal


Working intuitively, Glory-Anne has applied her innate sense of energy healing to her work with animals. She achieved Reiki Master in 2016 and continued her education in the Healing Touch for Animals. This gives her an expanded knowledge and empathy for subtle animal energy. She can meld these energy systems to enhance the well-being of animals, both large and small. Balancing and cleaning the animal’s energy system greatly enhances traditional and holistic veterinary care. (She can schedule barn calls individually or in groups of up to 3 horses per visit.)

Mindfulness Programs 

Call to discuss your groups needs and I will personally tailor an event to inspire. 

From a small group of 10 to a larger group of 100, I have a lesson plan for you.

Who can benefit?


Administrators and staff

Elementary sports teams


Girls Scouts

Boy Scouts


What are some examples of activities?

Classroom lessons

Group guided mindfulness exercises

Guidance on incorporating mindfulness into the school day

Guidance on starting an after school mindfulness program

and more to fit your needs.

Why Meditate?

Just as you train and exercise muscle groups, you can learn to recognize negative thoughts and switch them around to positive. Through guided meditation, Glory-Anne can show you how to turn down the mental static and background noise that separate you from your highest potential.  Learn how to tune up and dial into your Inner Self. You will become familiar with your Voice and all the positive aspects that go hand-in-hand with making choices for you. You can become your own cheerleader, and through positive thought you can inspire others to follow your lead.


Where can you meditate? Anywhere!

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France Meditation

Where can you meditate? Anywhere!

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

Transformation ahead


Find our why I believe hypnosis is the most throrough way to acheive the deepest level of transformation.

Life Coaching Programs

Directions found inside. Seriously, everthing you need to know and do to have a happy fulled life is...

30x30 Programs
Pressed for time but want to make a change? Reach your goal in 30 minutes a day for 30 days...
Sports Performance

Be faster. Be stronger. Connect the mind with the body and raise your PB higher than before...


The practice uses guided relaxation and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. When a person is in a hypnotic state, they are more open to discussion and are better able to respond to suggestions, this makes it possible to help them with certain conditions such as smoking,

 insomnia, overeating, or even the perception of pain. The subconscious mind listens and helps you make better decisions.

Glory-Anne Jones, Cht, CCA, Reiki Master

Reduce stress and anxiety   

Existential Worries

Quit habits such as 

         Weight loss


         Binge eating

         Nail biting

Anger Management

Grief Management

Letting Go/Forgiveness


5 week Life Coaching to LIFT & support
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Weekly 1 hour Private Hypnotherapy Sessions


Support Hours

"Even Though" Mantra Building


Personalized hypno-meditation recording

Five Week Deep Dive
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Coming soon! (ETA February 2021)

Unveiling the newest program for homeschooling and unschooling kids.

This program incorporates learning levels making it easier to teach the whole family. Learning levels encourages group participation as different ages groups following the color
coded curriculum.

Experience education as a family.

Go from planning for worst-case scenarios to planning for the

BEST in 30 days!

Everything you need neatly packaged for empowerment

The Art of saying No for people pleasers

You do so much for others and you are exhausted. The weight of disappointing others is too much for you. So you do and do until there is nothing left for you. 

What if there was a way to say No... and feel good about it? What if you could learn how to say no and feel empowered to put yourself first?

This program includes all the tools you will need to take back your time, your life, and your happiness. Click for full description.

The Art of saying No for people pleasers: $147

Past Life Regression with soul overview

In this 2.5 to 3 hour session you will be regressed through several stages of life including childhood and womb. From there you will safely recall a past life in which you will receive insight to help you in your current life. We will also travel with the soul and have a soul overview shedding light on your true nature, purpose and even soul family. 

Past Life Regression: $347

Breaking Habits and creating new ones

Within 3 sessions you will commit to breaking a habit you no longer want to do. Therapeutic hypnosis includes verbal repetition and mental imagery to create new habits that will over ride the one you want to stop. Session 1 is 1.5 hrs, sessions 2 and 3 are 1 hour long. You will receive a personalized 15 minute hypno-recording to support your commitment after sessions are done.

Breaking Habits: $397

5 Week Life Coaching Plan

This is a completely customizable plan to maximize your transformational needs. What does this mean? It means I will be working with you on a personal level to help you find clarity and direction. It will be led by you and your needs. You will break through barriers that are holding you back in order to achieve the goals you desire. Once a week coaching for 1.5 hrs, journal work, and personalized recorded hypno-meditation. 

5 Week Life Coaching Plan: $1,100

***Limited spots per month***

Get your free PDF now!
The Art of Saying No
for People Pleasers

You do so much for others and you are exhausted...

The weight of disappointing others is too much for you...

So you do and do until there is nothing left for you...

Sleep Soundly Hypnosis

4 easy steps!

1. Fill out the form and submit

2. 1 1/2 hypnosis session

3. Receive personalized recorded hypnosis within 8-10 days

4. Follow easy listening instructions and get back to sleeping soundly!

Personalized Hypnosis Recording

It’s very personal and significant and I know I will enjoy it for a long time. I plan on following your advice and routinely listen to it. I think that more clarity will come from repeating it.

— Florence, client

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Discover your

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