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Sleep Soundly Hypnosis Program

Watercolor sheep in field

(counting sheep is so...last night)

The problem...

Do you have to force yourself to stay awake during the day? Have you suffered through days in a zombie-like trance? Does your work suffer from a lack of clarity because your mind feels numb? Are you tired of being tired?

I hear you when you say you can't sleep. Or that the sleep you manage to grab is short and/or interpreted. Tossing and turning is exhausting. Rising with the sun would be amazing and welcome if in fact you felt refreshed, energized, and invigorated from a solid night's sleep.

Turn that dream into your reality!

The Sleep Soundly Program is more than a reset for your circadian rhythm. (That is just half of the work -the physical and chemical part- that needs to be done.) Sleep Soundly's power comes from the problem solving deep dive into what is occupying your mind on a mental and emotional level.

After revealing the subconscious reasons for the lack of sleep, resolving, and adjusting - a subconscious reset will take place. The deep reset will be in line with the circadian rhythm reset coming full circle and completing the "heavy lifting" part of the program.

I will create for you a personalized hypnosis recording that you can download reinforce the work from the initial deep dive.

The solution...

The 4 step program includes a Pre-session video introduction and Preparation, a Habits Questionnaire, a 90-minute Exploration Hypnosis (through zoom video), Within 8-10 business days, you will receive a personalized Reinforcement Hypnosis recording with instructions on how to listen. Take back your sleep. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. Get back to living and enjoying your life.

The cost...

How much money have you spent on sleeping pills, pillows and sound machines? How much does your time cost you...when you have to go back for something you forgot because you were in a sleepless haze or you did something that now needs to be fixed? Maybe you bought a new bed...???? All to fail you!

Hundreds or thousands of $$$? 

What would you be willing to pay to remedy your sleep issue? An Arm? A leg? Your firstborn? can keep your limbs and I have kids of my own.


The Sleep Soundly Program is an investment in your sanity, health, and future. For $447 you can take back your life and join family and friends back in the land of the living!

$447 Rejoin the living!!!! You will be saying sweet dreams in no time!

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