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30x30 Program

Level 1 

Discovery Phase

June 2020

Level 2

Emotional Core and Restoration

coming soon 2020


Level 3

Quantum Potential

May 2020 by invite only

Limited Time

$275 (Regularly $499)

30x30 Program

Join online once a week for an hour with Glory-Anne Jones. Set personal goals, break down blocks, achieve success, improve your health, and move forward with confidence. 

What you can expect

Meet me once a week on a facebook live to introduce each week. The live will be approximately 30 minutes on Monday mornings. It is a time to ask questions and talk about insights. The facebook lives are dynamic energy filled opportunities to grow through experiencing, learning, listening, and sharing. Each live video will include a short self hypnotic session. All will be available to watch in replay.

You will have daily homework which will consist of a 20-30 minute hypno-meditation recorded session exclusive to The 30x30 Program. Included in a daily email will be your Mosaic Message and other important details. You may be required to read up to 15 minutes per day and journal. The required passage will be included in your daily email when appropriate. 

Level 1 Discovery Phase

Week 1 2/24/20 Introduction and goal setting
Week 2 3/9/20 Overcoming self sabotage
Week 3 3/16/20 Breaking through toxic emotions
Week 4 3/23/20   Thought alignment and authorship
Week 5 3/30/20 Connecting with your why
Week 6 4/6/20 Connecting with your goal

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