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Welcome to the Fall
Echo Me Retreat

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This one-day retreat has been consciously created
to further your personal growth
- mind, body, and soul.

Traditionally we give gifts to others but we MUST realize the absolute need to fill ourselves up first. Only then can you overflow onto others.

As we enter into the holiday season it's important to be grounded and fill ourselves.

In this one day retreat lead by

Glory-Anne Jones and you will...


Be treated to a gracious opening

Tea Ceremony

I will first pour into your soul with powerful words. Then I will fill your cup to overflow to symbolically prepare the mind, body, and soul for the upcoming healing experience.

Workshop session on Boundaries

Boundaries are for your personal growth protection as well as helpful to others. This session is interactive and all guests will have an opportunity to share if they feel moved to do so. This session will be followed by ten minutes of personal journaling.

Break for a short lunch


Sound Bath

You are invited to get comfortable on your yoga mat with pillows and blankets and be enveloped by a full crystal bowl sound bath. 

International Child Day

Meet your Inner Child

Be lead in a consciousness-opening hypno-meditation to meet your inner child. You will have an opportunity to discover a hope, fear, and/or a dream. Create a strong bond with your inner child so that you can continue to connect and fulfill needs and desires. This session will be followed by 10 minutes of personal journaling.

Closing Ceremony

1:45 to 2 pm

You may choose the day or days you would like to attend.

Each day will follow the same schedule. If you choose to attend both days your personal experience will be wonderfully different and beautiful. 

Participants will receive a personalized journal and mug to use during the retreat and take home.

Water and chocolate teas will be served.

Sunday, December 4, 2022
10 am - 2 pm

Individual retreat day $77

*Participants joining for two days will receive additional insert pages for their journal and a second mug.

There are only seven spots open for each day. 


Registration closes on

November 1st, 2021

Participants should wear comfortable clothing in layers. 

Please bring your own yoga mat, pillow(s), and blanket.

Please bring your own lunch.

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