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Do you ever feel like quitting?

Three questions...

Does stepping out of your comfort zone create an avalanche of fearful thoughts? 

Are you struggling against the crushing weight of self-sabotage, self-worth, and lack of confidence? (Sis, that's a lot, I understand and it will be ok.)

Does anxiety creep in at the worst times or all the time?

Ponder these...

Have you already worked on this?

Do you wonder why these feelings and thoughts keep coming around again when you've already worked on them?


Do you feel like a failure because of your thoughts?

Press Pause...


Alright, let's take a minute right now. You need to hear this. 

You are so very WORTH the effort you're making. The world needs what you have to it showing up as an amazing woman or the service or product your business creates. 


Your feelings...

Yes, affirmations -such as the one you just read- are super important BUT they only have so much influence over your mindset. They seem to be temporary because they need constant repeating. 


How are you going to keep that up when you need to put 110% of your energy into your life and your business? 

Change happens DEEPER

here's what you need to know


1. You were born a Goddess and on earth, you are meant to be a Queen

2. You grew up. 

3. You are here at this very moment wondering what happened to that Queen.

There was an overwhelming number of events that created your subconscious conditioning* between step 1 and step 3. Many of those ideas are full of confusion, misinformation, and flat out falsehoods that no longer serve you. BUT they are now embedded in your thought pattern. To out is simply the "life program" you are running on is corrupted. 

Worse yet is trying to fix yourself with the tools that are either poorly timed or not used properly. Of course you find yourself failing again and again. It's completely understandable and you are not to blame.


Follow with me...

You have a door with a rotten board in it. Would you choose to paint over rotten wood or remove the affected piece and replace it with a new piece and then paint? Remember a new coat of paint looks awesome...

If you decide to paint over the rotten wood on your own, the problem is temporarily masked. Eventually, the rot will make its way through the paint and also spread to the boards next to it. 

If you choose to remove the board and replace with a new sturdy one, not only are you strengthening the door overall, the new paint will last so much longer. 


The door had one rotten board. Maybe you don't know how to replace the damaged piece so you just painted over it. This just temporarily camofages the problem and the rot will spread undetected...well at least until the paint begins to peel and it's revealed again.

The door is a good door. The paint is good paint. But you didn't follow the directions for prepping...because it says to start with a clean dry surface. 

This is where the contractor comes in. This woman knows how to remove and replace the wood. She even primes it, paints it, and seals it. Now, the door is now not only strengthened, painted, and protected but it's also beautiful, functional, and welcoming.  

The roles: You are the door. The rot is one or all of these: uncertainty, self-sabotage, fear of being seen, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, fear of failure or even fear of success. I am the contractor. 

The Tools and The Path



Out of Balance

Personal Truths


Closed door Falsehoods

Seek Help

Unlocking and claiming


We do a deep dive into your mental mind to root out the cause of your rotten thoughts. Together we re-evaluate the truth behind them. Give you permission to release them. Access the truth of your nature and purpose.

Enhance, activate, and access self-confidence, self-worth, and self-truth. Be seen, be heard, feel needed, feel wanted, become a part of society in ways that make YOU proud. 


You want to claim your dreams and desires. 


You want insight and clarity on which direction to take. 


You need to learn how to navigate around blocks along the way and take the steps to move forward.

To be truthful...mindset coaching is only as good as the depth it can dive. If this is your second time around, don't be so hard on yourself, and welcome. If this is your first time working on your mindset, welcome.

Who I work with...

I help women and women entrepreneurs overcome cyclical fear, worry, and self-confidence problems on a subconscious level. 

What if I told you I know what the future holds?
(I cannot do that.)

What if I told you I know what this moment holds?
( That I can do.)


This moment holds the keys to the future you deserve

The time is now... 

This moment holds a great deal of promise. What you need to create the life you want is within your vision and yours for the experiencing. Together we can define and clear away obstacles. Maybe it’s others telling you what to do. It could be beliefs that you have held onto that are no longer relevant in the present moment. Perhaps it may even be a physical block that can be moved, walked around, under, or over. The time for change is upon you. I am here to help you find your way. In this moment there is opportunity. Let’s get started.

Shannon, Mom

My daughter and I had the most...


My daughter and I had the most incredible healing hypnotherapy sessions with Glory-Anne today. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Not only is she an amazing healer, she is also incredibly down to earth and easy to be around. She’s an awesome person, with an amazing offering and I am so appreciative of her in our lives!

Heather, Leader of Many

I thought getting into a relaxed...


I thought getting into a relaxed hypnotic state would be impossible. Glory-Anne was able to
get me in the zone with her calm
voice and visual cues.

Jenny, Surviving Soul

Thanks so much for the encouragement...


Thanks so much for the encouragement I really don’t know who sent you into my life but I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Dimitri, Founder of SpiriChill

Having been fascinated with...


Having been fascinated with lives between lives concept, the Universe navigated Glory-Anne into my life. Her sessions are something beyond wonderful. She gently takes you on the road full of answers and self discovery. If you are reading this - then you are exactly where you need to be. And Glory Anne is that helping hand guiding you into your journey. 

Chris, Raising Men

Working with Glory Anne has been...


Working with Glory Anne has been an absolute delight. Her presence is calming, welcoming and inviting. She is like an old friend that you pick right up with. Her connection to energy and her ability to help others connect to it is a beautiful gift. I look forward to every interaction with her and have recommended her to many people. Do your health a favor and connect with her.

Julie, Change Seeker

I remember dreading going to work...


I remember dreading going to work and she helped me to find purpose and joy in my job again. Working with Glory-Anne has been a game changer.

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