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The Art of saying No for people pleasers

The guiltless way to say no to others and yes to yourself.

Endless pleas for help from family, friends, coworkers, organizations, and more guilt you into always saying yes.


You do so much for others and you are exhausted.


The thought of saying no weighs so heavily on you that you don’t even think it’s an option.

You get unscheduled requests to pick up the grandkids from school. You are asked to run a “quick” errand after you have settled in for the evening.


You feel like no one cares about what’s going on in your life, just as long as you keep saying yes.


The weight of disappointing others is too much for you. 

You’ve even avoided answering calls or text messages because you just know it will be another request.


But if you don’t answer you feel like you won't be needed or included.


So you do and do until there is nothing left for you.


It’s an endless stressful cycle. Constantly putting others' needs over yours makes you feel resentful.

How many times have you:

  • felt taken advantage of

  • wondered why people can’t do things for themselves

  • stressed out over how to solve other people’s problems

  • felt like you are drowning



What if there was a way to say No... and feel good about it?

What if you could learn how to say no and feel empowered to put yourself first?

As you choose to make yourself a priority, amazing things happen. Instead of running errands for others you take yourself to the coffee shop or gym. There is time at home to enjoy a good book or show. You become the person you want and need to be.


As you reclaim your time, your life is changing for the better. More time for yourself means eating healthier, spending quality time with friends, and fulfilling YOUR dreams


With more time for self care, your body is stronger, you are sleeping better, and your skin glows! Your immune system is supercharged and you are healthier. The body has time to repair and refreshed muscles and joints are happy once again and you can enjoy an active life. 

In choosing to say No your self confidence soars higher and higher. You feel stronger and more in control. When you are in control, YOU decide when YOU want to say Yes.


With your new level of confidence you have the freedom to pick what you want to do. When the answer is Yes, you do it in love. You are showing up to the world filled with joy and happiness. People appreciate you, and understand that YOU are a special person and deserve respect and love. 


Hi, I’m Glory-Anne and I help women who feel like they’ve lost their identity and are stuck in an exhausting loop of making others happy. The fear of being unneeded makes it impossible to say no, but after giving and giving they feel burnt out, taken advantage of, and have nothing left for themselves at the end of the day. I teach them how to let go of expectations, see their own worth, and feel happy again.

Together we can:

  • Identify repeat “askers,” pinpoint which tasks you can say no to and be prepared with a confident no.

  • Easily shift responsibility back to the rightful owner so you reclaim your time and take care of yourself. 

  • Create the life you want to live by claiming your self worth and become the woman you want to be, happy, fulfilled, full of choices.

This Package includes:

This brief questionnaire will help you identify who is doing the asking, what the tasks are, and which ones you can confidently say no to. With this list in hand you will clearly see where you time is going. You can easily decide which tasks you like or don’t like. You will get to decide which ones stay or go!

A15 minute video revealing the power of hypnosis as the best tool to break through barriers of guilt, strengthen resolve, and declare happiness as yours because you are 100% worth it. 98% of your questions around hypnosis will be answered and the 2% left over, well, we can go over those in your private coaching call. The video sets you up for success. 

Our video call is 90 minutes of time set aside just for you. We will do a line by line review of the Time Sucker Q&A and develop strategies for you to say no. A powerful personalized hypnosis session will enforce decisions and resolutions on the deepest level possible allowing you to become stronger, happier, and free.

A 15 minute recorded hypo-meditation that you will have lifetime access. This will remind you of your strengths helping you to remain on your path to freedom. Because you will have unlimited access, you can rest assured that this will be a lifestyle transformation. 

Our 30 minute follow up video call after two weeks to share the changes you have implemented and how you are taking care of yourself. We will create a list of dreams and desires to fill your newly found time. You will be able to maintain saying no with confidence. When you decide to say yes, people will know just how lucky they are.

Time Sucker Q&A

Thoughts around the Heart

5400 Seconds to Freedom

The power of NO is Freeing

It’s My Time Now


You can finally be free to say yes to living a life filled with hopes, wishes, and dreams on your time because you at long last can say no. I will be with you every step of the way. I can help you choose yourself first.

Set yourself on the path to freedom for just $147

Let’s get your time back…

Are you interested in working with me? Terrific! Here is how to get started.

Take back your life $147

Step 1. Make your payment here.


Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work and instructions for booking your session. 


Step 3. Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on taking back your time, claiming happiness for yourself all with one very powerful two letter word!

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