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Birth Ready Hypnosis

Three agreements to a beautiful birth

Can you agree to have the strongest body possible, be emotionally and spiritually prepared - even if you don’t know how? The Able Body and Balancing the Breath reveal the ‘how’ to create your birth narrative by introducing you to the power of hypnosis recordings. Mother Goddess and baby connect with your inner female strength and strength of the baby. Both a powerful and tenderhearted live session, it is the ultimate connection a mother and baby can make before entering the world.

- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

During the day

You have written your birth plan and it’s ready for the hospital or home. You have checked off many things and that gives you a sense of control and relief. But you have this underlying worry and you just can’t find a way to console or calm these feelings. You are torn between happiness and fear of carrying and birthing your baby. Your body reacts with an increase in stress and you feel anxiety getting the better of you.


At night

You know you should be getting much needed sleep but you find yourself awake and worrying about failure. Your mind plays a constant loop of insecurities and concerns. You find yourself asking - what if something goes wrong, what if I fail? You’re unsure of how your body will react. How will you know when pain will be too much pain. The unforeseen factors have your mind turning with worry. How will you know you can do it? Will you be a good mom?


Overload of advice

Between the loving calls from your favorite old aunt and text messages from college friends already in the mom zone to magazines, books, and youtube are getting a ton of advice. And you're starting to feel overwhelmed by it all. The reality is there are really only a handful of people you should be listening to - your doctor, nurse, midwife or doula for starters. But the most important voice you need to listen to is your own. Women have been giving birth for centuries and only you know what is truly best for you.


What if there was a way to feel more secure?

Imagine if you could wake up from a refreshing night’s sleep to think - today is a beautiful day to be the best momma I can be. I know that I am creating an emotionally positive space for my baby to grow. You send waves of love to your baby several times a day. You thank your body for the work it is doing and treat it kindly. 

You’ve got focus, clarity and connection because you have visualised, deeply through hypnosis, the story of your baby’s journey to birth. You firmly believe that your body is more than capable of enduring labor and will do so efficiently and smoothly. You have let thoughts of worry go and replaced it with peace, calm, hope and happiness. 

You’re excited to greet this new little one with open arms, a loving heart, and a connection like no other. An instant bond formed between two souls, linked together at the first beat of a tiny heart. You are going to be the best mom you can be. Each day is a day closer to holding your baby in your arms. You are ready.


Congratulations!  You’re about to be a Mommy.


My name is Glory-Anne Jones and I help expectant mothers who are experiencing feelings of worry, dread and fear around their pregnancy and upcoming labor and delivery. Using hypnosis I help them tune into their body and prepare for birth on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level so they can enjoy pregnancy and feel confident about their abilities.

The Birth Ready Hypnosis plan will help you

  • Create emotional balance for yourself and your baby

    • This allows the body to function uninterrupted by adverse hormones such as cortisol

  • Acknowledge the strength and ability of your body 

    • This allows the mind to have confidence in your body thus reducing stress

  • Connect on a deep soul level with your baby even before birth

    • Each mother baby connection is so unique and I am at a loss for words to describe the beauty of first soul connection. Moms-to-be have shared what their baby needs such as a stable home, their hopes, and even why the baby has chosen this time to come into the world. It’s almost like a peek into the baby’s life manual.


This package includes

The Able Body
A 20 minute recorded hypnosis session to teach you how to become friends with and rely on the strength of your body. Preparing your body for carrying and birthing your baby is very important. Equally important is believing your body can do the work. Visualization of your body and even the baby’s is empowering. You will build a connection with your physical body which will help you understand how amazing and capable you are. You will learn to trust and have faith in yourself. I recommend alternating listening with Balancing Breath.

The Balancing Breath
A 15 minute recorded hypnosis session to teach you how to use the breath to calm your worries. This is even deeper than regular meditation as it works with the subconscious mind immediately. Concentrating on the breath is a well known way to calm the body. Now that you have a body within a body it’s even more important to know when you are out of balance. Everything you feel the baby feels and your body’s natural response to stress is the release of cortisol. According to Web MD cortisol is nature’s built-in alarm system and it works with certain parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear. An overload of cortisol will create and could extend negative emotions leaving you and the baby unhappy. I recommend alternating listening with Able Body.

Mother Godess and baby This is a 90 minute live hypnosis session to connect with your inner female strength and strength of the baby. Everything you need is within you and calling upon this inner goddess will empowered you than ever before. The truth of your purpose has never been more clear, center your thoughts and emotions on creating the most loving connected bond. This is a hypnosis session that is personal and insightful. This can be done in person or video call. One time live session to be scheduled after listening to both The Able Body and The Balanced Breath hypnosis recordings for 2 weeks.

Your story
This is a 20 minute follow up call to review your dive deep into feelings, beliefs, and goals and your feelings around the 90 minute session. To be scheduled one week after Mother Goddess and baby session.


Be proud of yourself for making the agreement!

Put your fears and insecurities to rest as you physically, emotionally and spiritually boost yourself in preparation for the biggest day of your baby’s life. Be confident knowing that you have done the inner work that will help you to be the best mom you could possibly be.

Start your birth journey for just $150


Let’s get Started

Step 1. Make the $150 payment here.


Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment you’ll receive an email from me with links to The Able Body and The Balancing Breath.


Step 3. Schedule your Mother Godddess and baby session planning for two weeks from receiving the hypnosis recordings. 

Step 4. Schedule Your Story one week after Mother Godddess and baby.

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