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Hi and welcome!


My name is Glory-Anne Jones and if you are here you have a friend that cares very much for you. The link to this page is only accessed by those already working with me.


My work is mostly with moms-to-be, mothers, and kids ages 6-17. That isnt to say that I don't work with others...I definitely do but on an individual basis such as my life coaching 5 week program and in group programs open to all genders.  

I bring this up because much of my webiste language is speaking to motherhood in it's various stages. I know how vital it is to share my knowledge to all in the allowed time our 24/7 life offers...and here you are!

If you are here for mom stuff...take a stroll around my website. If you are not here for mom stuff, I've made it simple for you...simply scroll down for more about my inclusive programs both private and group.

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